Kristin Magrit

Kristin Magrit is a socially conscious business.

I believe:

Unique well designed styles, produced locally in limited quantities, using only natural fibres = Thoughtful, kind, clothing, that is a joy to wear.

I really feel this is how clothing ought to be – always.

How do I make your garments? 

Find out more about my philosophy and the process behind the scenes here.

New on the Journal

5 Questions: for Jessica Oma

When you first meet Jess you are struck by the kindness and gentleness that radiates from her being. She has an element of the earth mother about her which normally would be reserved for women of much greater years. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, to learn that she is a Registered Mid Wife who also practises and teachers Yoga. And yet she started out by studying Law with the intention of becoming a Diplomat. So what was it that drew her to the ancient practice of Midwifery?

Thoughtful clothing for your everyday wear. Natural fibres. 

Made in Perth, Western Australia

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