Kristin Magrit is a socially conscious business.

I believe:

Unique well designed styles, produced locally in limited quantities, using only natural fibres = Thoughtful, kind, clothing, that is a joy to wear.

I really feel this is how clothing ought to be – always.


My Philosophy

I believe in a slower, kinder, more intentional way of doing things.

I would like us all to be able to wear clothes that are well thought out, and original.  Clothes of healthy natural cloth, that tell a story of the love that has been poured into them, this is a joy that pushes them beyond just being clothes.

By purchasing Kristin Magrit garments, you are supporting independent design, as well as local manufacture and craftsmanship. I strive to be ethical, sustainable and transparent in all I do – this is a choice, but I believe it to be a very important one.

The Process of Making

Kristin Magrit is mostly a one-woman show. 

But I am supported by some very talented, and like-minded women, who run their own independent businesses. These are photographers, web designers, social media and of course my makers.

I view my offerings as 2 distinct but equally important and complimentary parts:



Knitwear: All my woollen knitting is made in the one factory in NZ. I know this factory and the people who work there well, as I have worked with them for many years, and spent many, many hours and days, on the factory floor, hanging over the knitting machines.

Apparel: At the moment, apart from myself, I have 2 sewers and a cutter who help me create KM garments.

My makers are located nearby, and are highly skilled artisans – I consider myself very fortunate to work with them, they help make the quality of the garments so beautiful.

All sampling and design development I like to do myself, in-house. Mostly because this is a deeply personal journey, and simply the process of ‘making’ helps with the development of the style. Plus I am constantly experimenting and trying out ideas so I would drive anyone apart from myself crazy. Ha!

One-offs, and made to order are cut in-house and then stitched by me and one of my sewers.

My cutter and his wife (who is my other sewer) create larger orders.  Then it is back to me, for wash-finishes, and pressing. It is all very hands-on, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know the manufacturing process is ethical, and it ensures your piece is created with the greatest of care and attention to detail.

More About Me

I am a costume and knitwear designer by training, having worked for many years in the theatre, television and knitwear industries in New Zealand, at a time where much local manufacturing began to shift off-shore. So I got to see the impact of this first hand.

I now live in the inner-city suburb of Leederville, Perth, Western Australia with my Architect partner, two children and the cat, Hokey Pokey.   

Our home was a near-derelict wooden workers cottage we saved from demolition, restoring it slowly and intentionally with our own hands, creating a sustainable and eco–friendly home with a small environmental footprint.

Kristin Magrit garments are designed in one of its light and airy rooms which has been converted to my studio. I am at my creative best in the mornings with the doors and windows thrown open, sunshine and nature streaming in, a good cup of coffee, as well as pencil and sketch pad, scissors, sampling fabric and sewing machine at the ready.

If you ever have any questions, are wondering about something or just feel like saying “Hi”, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.  Its super nice to get to know my customers a little bit better.

Kristin xx