‘I have always been at my happiest when making things’

I strongly suspect my future career path was determined by the advent of an antique treadle sewing machine on my 7th birthday. I still remember the early struggles to sew a straight line, and later the joy of creating tiny clothes for my doll.

A costume and knitwear designer by training, I have worked for many years in the theatre, television and knitwear industries in New Zealand.

After moving to Perth with my Architect partner and two children, focus turned to the largest ‘making’ project yet: rescuing and rebuilding a near derelict wooden workers cottage in the inner city suburb of Leederville.

It struck me that the process of constructing a house and constructing a garment are not too dissimilar and it turns out I am (strangely perhaps) just as happy running lengths of timber through a table saw to form sections of the cladding, as I am cutting layers of fabric to form a garment. It’s just a tad more dangerous.

The inherent value of the handmade is at the core of all I do. I aim to design pared back minimalist styles, with a contemporary edge yet faint nod to the vintage – styles that are elegant and infinitely wearable. Fabrication is carefully sourced, and construction is done right here in Perth — I love that I get to have this collaborative hands on approach to the garment construction. To work closely with my makers and share stories and have a laugh.

It feels like a real privilege to work with all these incredibly talented people and have the opportunity to build this Kristin Magrit family.

Kristin Magrit

Less is More

These days it’s easy to become disconnected from the fact that a pair of hands or perhaps many hands were involved in the making of our clothes and that makes it simpler to buy into the relentless high pressure and unrealistic fast fashion cycle, with its throwaway objectives. With the Kristin Magrit brand, I aim to change that.

Kristin Magrit garments have a pared back easy nonchalance, effortless wearability and minimalist colour palette. Garments that fit easily into our lives, and let us feel good. Thoughtful styles that are purposely season-less; by releasing styles singularly or in small stories the aim is to shift the focus onto the garment itself – its fabric, workmanship, and function. Each garment has its own story and are often released in limited runs or on a pre-order basis in an effort to reduce waste.